Saturday, March 5, 2011

House Bill 660 - Free Texas Brewpubs!

Hey Breakfast In Austin readers! Please excuse my quick departure from Breakfast In Austin. For this post - let's call it...Beer in Austin. No, wait. Beer in Texas!

In the spirit of local business and a near equal love of morning fare and microbrews, I'm providing a quick shout out about House Bill 660! My friend Rick Engel is an owner of Uncle Billy's Brew & Que on Barton Springs Road and at Lake Travis ~ the Oasis. He and many other local microbrewery owners and employees around Texas are fueling a grassroots effort which will allow brewpubs the freedom to sell their fresh and creatively made craft beers to wholesalers & distributors. Microbreweries and pubs in Alaska, California, Oregon, New Mexico & other states are already able to legally sell their products in stores and compete against the likes of Budweiser, Miller & other corporate giants. Texans are creating some very special microbrews at Uncle Billy's, North By Northwest, Freetail Brewing Company and many other places. These creations deserve to have a greater reach.

If you'd like to purchase Texas brewpub craft beer in your favorite restaurants and retail locations, if you'd like to support small Texas Business, if you'd like to generate employment opportunities for Texans and if you'd like to generate more revenue for Texas fiscal needs - then support HB 660 today!

Visit to learn more and support this grassroots effort!

SIGN the Texas Beer Freedom petition at:

A quick video for more information at:

Other ways to support HB 660 - Contact or email your state representatives...
Tweet & post Facebook messages to your friends, asking them to support HB 660!

This is an exciting time for microbrews & pubs in Texas - support the cause, support HB 660!

It's all about the feast, not the famine!