Sunday, September 12, 2010

Perfect Breakfast Tacos at Jose's Taqueria el Guerrerense

Our neighborhood taco trailer owned and operated by Jose is unassuming, inexpensive, ultra-casual with made to order breakfast tacos. Jose is a gracious host who also works a second job selling ski boats. His menu is hand written in spanish, translated for us gringos into english and all food is made to order. All breakfast tacos cost no more than $1.50. The trailer is old, simple and nothing impressive at first glance. All of that changes when Jose flashes his crooked-toothed smile.

With an eagerness to provide a glimpse into Jose's Mexican styled cooking, these gorgeous little breakfast tacos are heavily influenced by Jose's upbringing in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Notably more identifiable with one of it's core cities being Acapulco. This is where Jose is from and serves as the inspiration for the name of his business, Guerrerense being a person from the state of Guerrero. Ole!

Jose recently moved his trailer and table and chairs from the boat lot near Hudson Bend Middle School down the street half mile to Texas Custom Choppers. From Mansfield Dam heading toward Lakeway, that'd be approximately 3 miles on your left. The new location is a bit tricky because it sits on the edge of 620, but it's still accessible. On any given morning park in the Texas Custom Choppers lot or take your chance on the side of the road.

Upon our arrival at around 9:00 a.m. Sunday morning and feeling like the consummate regulars, G-Man placed his order with Jose first. 2 chorizo, egg & cheese breakfast tacos in flour tortillas, topped with the weekend only and freshly made avocado based green salsa.

I mixed it up and requested 1 bacon, egg & cheese and 1 bean, egg & cheese (Jose added a few pieces of ham), also topped with the avocado salsa. Both our plates were gorgeous, fresh and flavorful. At 3 bucks per plate, pretty unreal!

With food comes thirst, so G-Man and I each enjoyed Jose's freshly made lime-aid in a super-size cup. With a generous amount of sugar and the authentic sour of lime, our mouths couldn't help but pucker. What a refreshing compliment to the tacos. Tummies full, we said our goodbyes & thank you's to Jose and left happy.

We've been repeat customers too many times to count and Jose deserves more success than he currently has. The quality and flavor of Jose's breakfast tacos are better than most. Taqueria el Guerrerense is open 7 days a week with a full menu. (I highly recommend the chicken tacos later in the day) I promise a visit to this trailer will be worth the drive for you downtown Austin-ites. For those of you who live in Central or near the Lake, come on over. Remember to tell Jose that Jen sent you! You won't be disappointed with this unknown breakfast experience.

It's all about the feast, not the famine!

Pros: Fresh ingredients, amazing taste & flavor, inexpensive, made to order, open 7 days a week, lunch & dinner items, BYOB but be discreet
Cons: Not the best location - off shoulder of busy 620 - your life is in your own hands
Suggestions: The old menu board has faded from elements, time for a new one, Jose! Time to advertising - owner deserve more business

Taqueria el Guerrerense (In front of Texas Custom Choppers) ~ 2203 RR 620 North, Austin, TX 78734 ~ For to go orders call 512.317.5339 or for events call 512.657.3955

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