Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brunch with a Boom at TnT Tacos and Tequila!

Dare I say that Breakfast In Austin has discovered the biggest boom for it's buck at TnT's Sunday Brunch? Absolutely! I wouldn't have believed the $17.95 full buffet with Champagne and Mimosa's sticker price unless I had tried it myself. There are always hidden costs with Brunch, right? You want coffee & cream, that'd be an extra $2.50. A premium vodka in your Bloody Mary? We'd be happy to provide that for $8.00. Champagne in a flute? Oh...that's not part of the Sunday Brunch cost, but I'll be sure to add $10.00 to your final bill. After two months of exploring a variety of spins on breakfast in our fair city of Austin, Tacos and Tequila on the corner of Pressler & W. 5th Street, offers the most legitimate Brunch for the best price!

Like most patrons, I'd experienced TnT as the new place on W. 5th Street for Happy Hour. A distinct tequila menu intact, TnT's post work experience boasted inexpensive Mojitos & Margaritas with delicious handmade chips served in a brown paper bag with a variety of salsa's. Pretty much heaven! Unfortunately TnT doesn't seem to have a distinct marketing strategy for their Brunch aside from word of mouth. (It's not on their website with only a minor mention on Facebook) I'd heard of TnT's Sunday Brunch by way of an insert attached to my final bill at Happy Hour. Brunch? Oh boy! I was intrigued with their $17.95 price and knew I'd have to add it to my list of places to go. Additionally, my friend Kindra (aka KZ, who did not pay me for this endorsement) enjoyed TnT's Brunch soon after and highly recommended the stop to Breakfast In Austin. An immediate move up the list...

My companion for Sunday? Ever the good sport, G-Man, who teases me mercilessly when I pull out the Nikon for photo opp's. We arrived at 10:15 a.m., after scoring a parking spot on Pressler St. just outside the restaurant. There's always something a little odd about arriving first. Like you're the overanxious patron who beats everyone else to the venue and catches the staff doing something naughty. Like licking a spoon or picking their nose. In this case, the staff wasn't quite finished with their set-up, so it gave Breakfast In Austin a chance to walk the venue and photograph some of their offerings.

Our server, Amy, with the purple highlights and friendly smile, greeted and guided us through TnT offering great tidbits and made us feel right at home. G-Man and I opted to sit outside amongst 10 sidewalk tabletops. The interior of TnT is open & festive but on a sunny, temperate morning, there's nothing like fresh air while you eat. I loved having the option!

Amy recommended we try the handmade mango agua fresca added to our champagne. Absolute perfection! I must admit this was the #1 hit for me at TnT's Sunday Brunch and it didn't hurt that Amy was ON the refills!

Always a sucker for Eggs Benedict, I requested two-made to order and enjoyed every bite. Other delicious items were the Shrimp Ceviche, Cheese Enchiladas, Red Potatoes, Migas, Flan & Cinnamon Brewed Coffee.

Here is a listing of some of TnT's brunch items including impressions & snapshots (note the * signifies extra worthy):

*Eggs Benedict (delicious flavor, muffin & egg were perfect, hollandaise was GOOD and would've been my new #1 with a touch less butter)

*Shrimp Ceviche (fresh, fresh & fresh, delicious)

*Cheese Enchiladas with Blue Corn Tortillas (right side of plate - perfectly made with great taste)
*Cornbread Grit (sweet and surprising)

*Red Potatoes with Peppers & Onion (near perfect with flavor & spice gusto)
*Migas (delicious)

*Corn Tortillas & Chicken Stew (flavorful thick sauce)

*Homemade Tortilla Chips & Salsa (love them!)
*Fresh Guacamole & Queso (both excellent & fresh)

*Coffee (a blend made especially for TnT - smooth, rich with a hint of cinnamon)
*Flan (creamy, yum)
*Baked goods (Tasted several - loved the cinnamon twist)
*Fresh fruit (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries)

Pasta Salad
Huevos Rancheros
Chicken Enchiladas (the ONLY thing I ate that wasn't good)
Rice & Beans (standard)
Sausage Links
Belgian Waffles (with amazing fixings)

Tacos and Tequila pulls off a genuine blend of breakfast & lunch with an appealing Mexican infusion. I literally enjoyed every item with only one exception, and that my friends, is impressive! Just take the chicken enchiladas off your menu, TnT, and I'll pretend they never existed! Full buffet is $17.95, children 6-10 are $6.95 and children 5 and under are free.

I've heard some say that TnT is hard to find. It's not! If you're driving into downtown from Mopac, Pressler is a cross street on W. 5th. Past ART on 5th & Covert Buick Body Shop, look for the new Gables on your left and TnT is on the 1st floor. Parking is free in the garage at the Gables or you can try your luck on or around Pressler Street.

It's all about the feast not the famine!

To find out more aboutTnT Tacos and Tequila, you can find them at: or on Facebook at:

Pros: Great selection of food, friendly & attentive staff (Amy our server was awesome), the mango agua fresca was insanely delicious, DJ Manolo playing some groovy tunes, affordable all in one price, terrific open & light atmosphere, outdoor seating, great parking
Cons: Still setting up when we arrived, the chicken enchilada
Suggestions: Advertise your Sunday Brunch! You can't rely on word of mouth only when you have huge competition all around you. You're a business, so make some money!

TnT Tacos and Tequila ~ on the corner of W. 5th & Pressler ~ 507 Pressler Street, Austin, Texas 78703 ~ 512.436.8226


  1. Going there for Brunch tomorrow thanks to YOUR review! Thank YOU!!

  2. OMG it was delicious!! The eggs benedict was my favorite!!