Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Death by Fork at Jack Allen's Kitchen!

In the mood for Southern home-cooked food? Jack Allen's Kitchen kindly obliges with their 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Sunday Brunch. Locally owned, Chef Jack Gilmore and the Jack Allen's crew reinvents old standards and supplies a powerfully satisfying experience, although it borders on a heart attack in the making. Show up, eat to your hearts content and depart feeling completely and utterly stuffed. The kind of stuffed where you can't even burp. Baked Macaroni and Cheese? Chicken Fried Chicken with Green Chile Gravy? Chicken Fried Pork? Sausages? Twice Baked Potatoes? This is definitely how Grandma killed Grandpa...

To those of you who have heard of Jack Allen's Kitchen but haven't been, it's discreetly tucked away from downtown, just northwest of Highway 290 on 71. You might recall the previous Y Bar & Grill? That's the place. Jack Allen's prides itself on good ol' Texas hospitality, is known for using locally sourced, fresh ingredients and creating unique dishes.

How did Breakfast In Austin arrive at Jack Allen's Kitchen? You can imagine my list of breakfast joints, brunch stops & trailers is LONG. Sometimes it's near impossible to choose a place to eat, let alone review. I love recommendations! After a full weekend of celebration and spirits, including a friends wedding, football games & Halloween mischief, recent nods were worth listening to and Jack Allen's quickly rose atop my list. A southern influenced, artery clogging, $12.99 Sunday Brunch would certainly cure any hangover, right? Right!

G-Man and I arrived five minutes early at 9:55 a.m. To my surprise there were several cars parked in the Jack Allen's lot with diners waiting on the sidewalk and hovering near the main entrance. A very good sign. Promptly at 10:00 a.m. the doors magically opened. The hostess staff was welcoming and on point, immediately seating us near the buffet area. Our server? A nice guy, who was ultimately - casual. Didn't quite catch his name and although attentive he had to return a second time to explain Jack Allen's made to order items separate from the buffet line.

The way JAK does it! (Sund'y Brunch, that is)

Once seated, ask your Server for a drink and anything made to order. Specifically, farm fresh eggs your way, biscuits & gravy or pancakes. I asked to indulge in their $3.50 Brunch Bloody Mary and sample their Biscuits & Gravy. The Bloody Mary? Not strong or very spicy. The Biscuit & Gravy? Terrific because of Jack Allen's signature Green Chile Gravy. Completely memorable!

I must admit that Jack Allen's presentation of their Sunday Buffet was a hit with me! As you walk the line, all items are gorgeous, stocked and ready to go at 10:00 a.m. There were some clear successes! A few of the items you'll find with comments & photographs:

Chicken Fried Chicken covered with Green Chile Gravy (This signature Gravy makes everything taste better - back right in photo below)

Smoked Salmon Spread (amazing)

Twice Baked Mashed Potatoes (heavy but tasty)
Baked Macaroni & Cheese (put me in a damn near coma it was so good!)

Mama's Sunday Chicken (not my personal favorite - not a huge fan of dark meat)

Farm fresh veggies (healthiest thing I ate)

Migas (Tasty but not enough tortilla cooked into the blend)
Deviled Eggs (Flavorful)
Farm fresh salads (Pasta salad was a hit)
Layered Enchilada Casserole (lackluster in taste, just fair)
Desserts (dry)

"It's all about the feast, not the famine," (Breakfast In Austin's catchphrase) is an ideal way to explain my experience at Jack Allen's Kitchen. Their southern styled dishes are comforting and delicious but holy heart attack, I could hardly move, let alone breathe for a couple of hours after. Eat at your own risk and don't say I didn't warn you!

Thank you Jack Allen's Kitchen for a fine Sunday Brunch and yes, the cure to my self inflicted hangover. Breakfast In Austin will spread the word and return. But next time for lunch, dinner or happy hour...

JAK is happy to take your reservation by email, phone or just show up! Remember Sunday Brunch is only $12.99 per person and the 12 & under crew is $5.99 per.

To learn more about Jack Allen's Kitchen, go to and for details on Jack's Amazing Sund'y Brunch, go to

Pros: Lowest cost brunch I've seen in awhile, great quality & creative dishes, nice atmosphere, outdoor patio for seating, Texas hospitality, ample staff, tons of signage
Cons: Our Server was a bit too casual - nice guy but missed a few steps in explaining the set-up and taking our order
Suggestions: Don't hide the yogurt & granola on the table by the window - I could've used some of that

Jack Allen's Kitchen ~ 7720 Highway 71 West, Austin, TX 78735 ~ Email: ~ 512.852.8558


  1. Thank you so much for information. Me and my wife are planning to visit Austin, TX. We been there before but it was long time ago, currently we are staying in Luray VA Accommodations, so we were looking restaurants or motels etc. and we landed on your blog.  Thanks.

  2. HI Simon! So glad you stumbled upon my Breakfast Blog. Jack Allen's sure puts out a feast! For the cost, you get inventive dishes, good service and a full tummy. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy your time here!

  3. Looking good Jen, keep up the awesome work (of tasting the food as well).