Sunday, November 21, 2010

Heavenly Sunday Brunch at Satellite Bistro & Bar

My old co-worker and friend, Elsa Decker & I took to the Sunday Brunch scene last Sunday, November 14th and met at locally owned and operated Satellite Bistro & Bar. Located west of South Mopac at the corner of Slaughter & Escarpment, this family owned concept of eating great food in a relaxed atmosphere, was created by brothers, Mark and Marty Kamburis. The brothers have continued a family tradition, inspired by their Grandfather's arrival from Greece in 1912 and ensuing experiences in the food business.

Scouring their online Brunch Menu prior to the morning of 11/14, NEVER-ENDING MIMOSAS'S were listed at $6.75 per person. Elsa & I talked about this for days! Clearly, part of our catch-up/gab session was dependent on bottomless flutes of champagne and orange juice. After arriving at 10:30 a.m. and meeting our fine server, Casey, we exuberantly ordered our never-ending mimosas and complimented this glorious menu item. Sadly, Casey broke our hearts a little and said that due to TABC Regulations, Satellite had to discontinue their "never-ending" mimosa's and instead offer a controlled carafe option with fixed price. I said..."update your online MENU, Casey!" By the looks of it, their webmaster DID later that night at 6:23 p.m. Never-ending aside, the liter sized carafe was near perfection and set the stage for our 2.5 hour brunch...

After eyeballing the Satellite Bistro & Bar Brunch Menu and salivating over their options, both Breakfast In Austin and Elsa were feeling the pull toward one of five styled Eggs Benedict. Always a sucker for the traditional benedict, Breakfast In Austin opted for a slight spin called the "Poached Club". Think seared country ham, smoked turkey and bacon placed over two toasted english muffins and topped with 2 perfectly poached eggs & a subtle hollandaise sauce. Seriously delicious and pushing toward the #1 bennie in town. As if the meat concoction and hollandaise sauce wasn't enough, Satellite adds a lusciously rich & flavorful Scalloped Potato as the main side along with a bowl of fresh fruit. Priced well at $10.99.

Elsa's Eggs Benedict choice was labeled the "Flying Saucer". Clever name Satellite Bistro! Obviously the same concept as the "Poached Club" with english muffins, poached eggs & hollandaise. But the toppings? Imagine roasted portabella mushrooms, roasted red peppers, feta cheese and avocado. Elsa loved the plated food, especially the Scalloped Potatoes, though described her hollandaise experience as nondescript.

Dessert? Chocolate? Elsa insisted we indulge on one of Satellite's specials of the day - the Chocolate Cake Pancake. Good move for Breakfast In Austin. Thanks a lot, Elsa. Not a lot more needs to be said other than this delicious cake housing chunks of chocolate was oversized and worthy. Worthy of Satellite Bistro & Bar offering it as a post brunch dessert for all at the table to share.

As I write and wrap up this posting, Breakfast In Austin can only guess as to where the "Satellite" name came from, so I offer this little spin. One of the many definitions of Satellite is, "any celestial body orbiting around a star or planet." Elsa was the star and Breakfast in Austin, the planet. The celestial bodies? A few! Our phenomenal server, Casey, who offered the perfect blend of attentiveness and information. The liter sized Carafe (or Holy Grail) of Mimosas offering approximately 8 flutes for $11.99. The food being flavorful and impressively gorgeous. Satellite's atmosphere which was light, vibrant and relaxing. Perhaps even the deceased Grandfather Kamburis keeping an eye on any case, several celestial bodies orbiting at Satellite Bistro & Bar. As it should be for all us stars and planets...

It's all about the feast, not the famine!

To learn more about Satellite Bistro & Bar, visit their website at

To view Satellite's Sunday Brunch Menu, go to

Pros: Stand-out service, relaxing & hip atmosphere, liter sized mimosa carafe, varied & exciting Brunch menu, Eggs Benedict, Scalloped Potatoes
Cons: Having a hard time coming up with any...
Suggestions: Make your "Chocolate Cake Pancake" a menu item and encourage ALL to buy one and share as dessert after brunch

Satellite Bistro & Bar ~ 5900 Slaughter Ln., #400, Austin, TX 78749 ~ 512.288.9994


  1. You have covered a fair portion of Austin thus far. Still waiting for your to unseat my favorite with some mind-blowing explosion of taste, decor and Austin attitude... Who will it be?