Monday, August 30, 2010

Not just DOGS & BEER at Frank!

FRANK! Located between 4th & 5th on Colorado in Downtown Austin, Frank is known for their variety of kick ass hot dogs, surprising sides and cold beer. If a chili cheese or nacho dog aint your thing, Frank totes himself as the Purveyor of Artisan Sausage and offers The Notorious P.I.G. or a beer soaked Brat. Dogs for everyone from 11am to 10pm, Monday through Saturday. Additionally there's a Late Night Menu for the chronic, 20+ something stumbler from 10pm to close.

If you think Frank's day & nighttime menus aren't enough, you'll be pleased to know they're open for breakfast from 8am to 11am. The menu is simple and affordable including Intelligentsia Coffee, Pastries, Beignets and Biscuits. But that's not what has Breakfast in Austin so captivated! When I discovered their Sunday Brunch and studied the menu, I thought I'd died and gone to Frank heaven. A Red Headed Stranger? Flapsticks? Biscuits with Jackalope Gravy? No better occasion then to grab friend and fellow breakfast lover, Sarah Groves and experience the home cooking of Frank on Sunday!

Ms. Groves arrived right on time at 11am with an up front parking space and I...was late. Luckily no harm. Sarah and I eagerly blasted through Frank's friendly doors and were quickly seated in Joe's section. No wait and definitely the best two top in the joint, as we could see everything and everyone! Sarah was clearly needing a little hair of the dog, so my suggestion of their Red Headed Stranger was kindly received. Joe! Two, please. I had heard of the bacon infused vodka additive, but giggled like a school girl at the sight of the chunk of cheddar cheese and bacon garnish in my Mason jar. May I say, don't let the bacon fool you because this was the best Bloody Mary I've had in a LONG time! Sarah concurred.

Onto the food! Truthfully I had read the Frank brunch menu prior to arriving, so I had already decided to order off their "Fantastic Four" menu for $11.00. Basically, select 4 out of 15 items and EAT. My selections? The Split Biscuit with Jackalope Gravy, 2 Over Easy Eggs, Hash Brown Casserole and Bierock. Everything was flavorful and good - especially the Split Biscuit with Jackalope Gravy and Hash Brown Casserole. The Bierock? This was Frank's version of a German pocket pastry, labeled "The Elvis". You guessed it! Diced Banana, peanut butter and speckles of bacon on the inside. Let's just say the first bite was totally bizarre but completely tasty at the same time.

Sarah's turn. Paired with her hair of the dog, Sarah decidedly zoned in on the Frank Texas Benedict. A great choice and a plate after my own heart! Due to my incessant need for all things Benedict, I avoided eyeballing this delicacy until Ms. Groves ordered it. Tradition aside, this dish shined with a jumbo split cheddar biscuit, pulled pork, fried eggs and jalapeno hollandaise. I was able to sample a touch of the hollandaise on my fork and it was delicious. Must say I was a little envious! Sarah was more than satisfied with her choice and gave this version of Benedict a big thumbs up.

I LOVE FRANK! To date this is my favorite place for Sunday Brunch in Austin and I cannot wait to return. I highly recommend a visit to anyone who likes great service, inventive and flavorful food and a cool vibe that caters to a laid back and varied crowd. As a parting gift, don't forget to give a nod to the flag above the bar on your way out ~ our server Joe thought we'd get a laugh out of it and so will you...

On a final note - if you're not too full and up for some in house shopping, Frank has a small Grocery Store inside the restaurant, featuring cook books, hot dog material and candies. Always open to carrying local items, give Frank suggestions! The Store is open Monday through Saturday from 8am-10pm and Sunday during Brunch from 11am-3pm. "Frankly," the store didn't seem too open on this particular day.

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Pros: The service rocked, great open ambience and cool vibe, food & selection were amazing, bacon infused bloody with beer chaser, kid friendly, no wait
Cons: The Grocery Store wasn't open
Suggestions: This is MINOR - Work on the store, Frank! Seemed very vacant - not a lot of merchandise & nobody tending a register

Frank ~ 4th & Colorado, Austin TX 78701 ~ 512.494.6916

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