Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why Breakfast?

Suffice it to say, I love ALL things about breakfast. Although I'm a semi-night owl, there is nothing more vibrant about my 24 hours than waking up in the morning and witnessing the sun slowly turn dark into light. Anything is possible at 6:00 a.m.! Especially with an empty stomach and the promise of turkey bacon, a frittata, bagel with lox and cream cheese, granola or eggs benedict! You get the idea.

I've played with and reviewed restaurants in the past but it was just so random and I never truly had a niche. Writing about breakfast has been churning steadily in my head for some time now and it just makes sense! I enjoy this meal more than most and have typically quested to find the "best eggs benedict" or the "best cup of coffee". Austin has some truly impressive cuisine and what better way to explore an aspect of the city that for me has been limited to a few taco stands, Kerbey Lane Cafe, Magnolia, Sweetish Hill, a couple of random brunches and a variety of coffee joints!?

So I propose to myself a win-win situation! I will eat breakfast or brunch one time a week, posting thereafter for the period of one year. It'll knock out quite a few of my favorite things - writing, photography, eating and spending time with friends, family and some business folks. I'm really excited to see how this develops and would be thrilled for you to take this ride with me!

I'd love suggestions and or comments - anytime!

To all things breakfast ~


  1. Jen! I am so excited for your new blog! What a fantastic idea! I can't wait to read about all the fabulous yumminess! You should check out the new Apple Annies weekend brunch sometime (just "Annies" now). I haven't gotten to try it but the menu looks delish and of course all of their food is wonderful. Just make sure that when you go you CALL me so we can go together! I miss you and it's such a shame we are in the same city and never see each other!

  2. Marcie! It's so great hearing from you and I'm really glad you share my enthusiasm about this whole breakfast/blogging thing! :) Annies is totally on my radar. I've heard they have brunch on Saturday's with Sunday coming soon. Consider it a date and I'll give you a head's up on scheduling. Looking forward to seeing you and having some really great food together!

  3. This could really turn into something Egg-citing.....sorry, I couldn't resist. Way to go, sistah. We all talk of doing this kind of thing, but you go out and do!

  4. Also my favorite meal of the day!!! The only sad part is I will not be able to go and taste all this yummy food you will be tasting. If any of them are willing to share their recipes please post for us living a far:-) xoxo