Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Which Galaxy am I in?

My breakfast dates for this weekend? Two open-minded, hungry, but slightly sleep deprived 11 year olds. Names? Sloan & Hailee. Better known as Thing #1 and Thing #2 on Sunday at 9:00 a.m. I decided to ease any pain the Things might experience with a napkin in your lap, shoulders back, brunch type of environment and go for something a bit more child-mild. After we scoured a few venues and menus online, catering to the laid back breakfast crowds, the Things and I selected Galaxy Cafe.

Enter the Galaxy at West Lynn in between Enfield & West 6th Street. No stars, no planets but a universe all its own. A locally owned and operated business in Austin, Texas, Galaxy Cafe boasts three (3) locations to serve its patrons. Unique, in that upon entry we discovered mounted boxes with menus and a friendly young lady who greeted us. She kindly suggested we each grab & study a breakfast menu. My eyes were drawn to a white two-seater bench, so we sat and studied. After the "what are you going to have?" discussion with the Things, we all decidedly approached the young lady at the counter. Counter service it was!

I opted for my very own french press coffee (which I adored) and the healthy and fresh Mediterranean Breakfast with eggs scrambled, fresh roma tomatoes, a touch of feta cheese and chopped basil. Add avocado? Of course! Anything to embolden a meal. A small cup of fresh fruit, including strawberries, cantaloupe & honeydew, adorned the plate along with half of an unimpressive and slightly over-toasted bagel. What is it about not getting bread right? I had ordered cream cheese and was hugely relieved when it appeared in the 3rd round of table delivery. Phew... My breakfast? $6.99 plus $1.25 for the avocado. This is the first time, in a long time, that I've walked away from breakfast feeling light on my feet. Typically overindulgent for a creamy, unhealthy weekend breakfast, I finished this meal feeling satisfied -not like the typical alien living on a different planet.

The Things? They were both fairly decisive in their counter service requests. Thing #1 opted for her version of a build your own breakfast wrap. Picking and choosing ingredients, Thing #1 ordered three scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and crispy bacon, wrapped in a giant flour tortilla and served with a fresh side of salsa. Massive in size with a great taste, a noted deal at $5.99. Thing #2 kept it simple with the American Breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, three strips of bacon and a half of bagel for a very affordable $5.99. Her verdict? A clean plate and commendable dish with a 7 out of 10 rating.

Suffice it to say, Galaxy Cafe's breakfast fare was light and affordable albeit a touch predictable and standard. I will definitely return but to try heartier fare like their popular french toast platter with strawberries, bananas and powdered sugar. It was great to see a busy crowd and the bowl of dum-dums as a post breakfast dessert for the Things!

Thank you for the enjoyable breakfast, Galaxy Cafe.

Pros: Affordable prices, friendly staff, great location, kid friendly
Cons: Confusion for 1st timers at entry & exit - we saw a 6 top sit down who waited 5 minutes for table service. Oops! Food is predictable...
Suggestions: Add a hearty Eggs Benedict to the menu

Learn more about Galaxy Cafe at: http://www.galaxycafeaustin.com/index.html and check out their menu at: http://www.galaxycafeaustin.com/images/2010-TOGO-MENU8x11TALL.pdf

Galaxy Cafe locations ~
The Triangle at 46th at Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78751 ~ 512.323.9494
1000 West Lynn, Austin, TX 78703 ~ 512.478.3434
9911 Brodie Lane, Austin, TX 78748 ~ 512.233.6000


  1. Great Review Jen! Looking forward to Breakfast in Austin!

  2. Thank you, Rachel! I'm definitely having fun with it. I'd love to hear about Breakfast in Hawaii!? Sensing an idea here, LOL... Jen